Åsa came to Italy in 2001 because she loved Italian film from the fifties and sixties and wanted to learn Italian. It was love at first sight. Following a degree in political science and journalism at the University of Florence, she now writes about wine, food, travel and Italian culture for Swedish, Norwegian and Italian magazines.
Åsa organizes and guides on specialized wine & food tours to Italy since 2007. Thanks to these and her many press assignments she visits hundreds of wineries every year. She has visited all twenty Italian regions and travels a large part of the year. She comes to Sweden on a regular basis to hold courses and seminars on Italian wines.

In 2020 she started a small production of extra virgin olive oil called La Collina Blu together with her husband Stefano, that builds olive oil presses. The production is artisanal, quality minded and with respect for nature. The aim is to help the organically grown olives to be the best that they can be without altering their character. To produce extra virgin olive oil is also a way to maintain a tradition that has been so important to mankind for thousands of years.